April Faculty & Staff Question of The Month

The Katonah Elementary School PTO is launching a new blog column highlighting the amazing teachers and staff at KES.
We ask a fun question each month and see what they say. Here is April!


“April Showers, bring May flowers.”

What do you like best about rainy days?


I do like reading and writing on rainy days—but the best part, I think, is how rain makes everything outside look and smell so fresh and clean.

Cindy Mahan, Grade 1 Teacher


I love waking up to sound of rain dancing on the roof of our house and knowing that our morning activities will slow down. My children will ask me to make hot chocolate and pancakes and we’ll all enjoy our time together.

Lynn Garofolo, Grade 3 Teacher


Curling up with a good book on my porch.

Enid Linden – Reading Interventionist


On a rainy day I like to snuggle up on the couch and watch a good movie or TV show.

Kristin Couto, Grade 1 Teacher


My favorite thing about rainy days is wearing colorful rainboots!

Kim Buckley:), Grade 2 Teacher


On rainy days I like to curl up with a good book and a cup of tea:)

Deirdre Parkhurst, Grade 4 Teacher


Rainy days for me means “Pajama Day”, crafts and homemade popcorn with my kids.

Gloria Miller, Grade 5 Teacher