May Faculty & Staff Question of The Month

One of the most well known traditions in our town is the Katonah Fire Department Parade & Carnival. We are hoping this month’s faculty and staff blog question will get everyone excited for it.


What are YOUR favorite carnival/parade memories?


Having been in the Katonah Fire Department for 10 years I have quite a few memories. My favorite thing about the carnival is the food. The cheeseburgers with onions is the best thing on the menu. I worked in the Crazy Cat booth and watching people try the Oreo Challenge was always a good source of entertainment.

Patrick Vetere, 2nd Grade Teacher

When I first moved to Katonah I invited my parents to the Katonah Fire Department Parade.  My father was a Bronx boy and had never been to a small town parade like this. He loved it all!!

Enid Linden, Reading Interventionist

I remember the anticipation of the town carnival opening. After all the waiting, meeting up with friends, going on the rides and playing the games was so energizing. I  loved when one of us won a game where we got a HUGE stuffed animal to walk around with. The best part was when my mom decided I was old enough to go on my own without a grown-up!

Ms. Fulton, Social Worker

As a child, I loved waiting at the bottom of Valley Road for the clowns to come down in their little clown cars to hand out lollipops.  My friends and I would get so excited.  I’m so happy this tradition continues every year in Katonah.  And I love that my own children are able to share in the fun!

Kim Buckley, 2nd Grade Teacher

My favorite carnival memories are joining my students on all the fun rides- spinning upside-down, sideways and round and round!

Lynn Garofolo, 3rd Grade Teacher


-Samantha Holcman