Cristy’s Corner

 We wish you a very happy and healthy holiday season with family and friends.

 Dear KES Families,

Upon our return on January 5th, the cold days of winter will certainly be with us so we want to take this opportunity to remind you of our weather related practices and policies as well as other timely information.

Outdoor/Indoor Recess

The KES Administration and Faculty desperately want the children to get outside as much as possible, so it is extremely important that they come to school prepared for winter weather equipped with warm clothing, a hat and gloves. We do go outside for recess in the snow and, so, in such cases, your child will need to have the proper gear (i.e., snow boots, snow pants, etc.). While students who are dressed appropriately are allowed to play in the snow, they are not allowed to throw snow.

In addition, when the conditions are such that it makes it difficult for us to use all of the available recess areas, we often close the circle to traffic so that areas like the plaza can be utilized safely. It is critically important to everyone’s safety that children stay within the designated play area(s). We truly appreciate your support in reinforcing the importance of this with your children at home.

As per the New York State guideline, students will not be allowed outside for recess if the temperature is below 20 degrees with the wind chill. The weather is checked periodically throughout the day so that if at all possible, students will be sent outside. We are very fortunate at KES to have certain areas within our school available to us for indoor recess during specific times in the day. These spaces, such as the gymnasium, computer lab and a couple of other multi-purpose rooms are fully utilized based on availability.

The KES Administration and Faculty believe that a contributing factor to a healthy lunch and recess period includes providing students with the freedom to socialize and choose how they want to spend their time. Generally, we allow students to pick and choose where they would like to sit and eat as well as how they spend their time during recess. While we know that some students enjoy running around, being loud and exerting energy, our experience is that others appreciate the time for quiet play and are just as content to sit back and relax. The integration of movement for our youngest learners and for those students who do not have Physical Education classes scheduled on any given indoor recess day is made a priority.  Otherwise, we focus our attention on encouraging students to engage with others during this unstructured part of the day, which is the main reason we do not show movies.

Recess before Lunch

As a district-wide approach to the lunch and recess program, we do plan on switching rotations so that all students will have the opportunity to have recess before lunch during the course of the year.  Grade levels currently scheduled for lunch before recess will change to having recess before lunch, and vice versa. We anticipate this change occurring sometime around mid or late January. 

Delayed Openings

Occasionally during the winter months, situations arise when morning weather conditions are not severe enough to close the schools, but road conditions are such that school buses experience difficulties and school opening is delayed. When this occurs, delayed openings will be announced on local radio station, on the district website and via Connect Ed, the Districts automated system, which will call the home number only. We are prepared with modified schedules for 1, 2 and 3 hour delays.

Unscheduled Early Dismissal or Closing

Every attempt will be made to contact each parent or his/her designees through Connect Ed, the District’s automated system. In the case of an Unscheduled Early Dismissal or Closing, all K-5 students will be sent home according to the dismissal plan provided by parents/guardians on the KLSD Elementary School Emergency Information form. Students going home on their assigned buses will be dropped off at the closest accessible bus stop to the child’s home. Walkers will walk home. Bus notes are not honored and there are no pick-ups.

There may be circumstances beyond our control (i.e., power outages) that may prevent the use of the automated system. For this reason, it is essential that parents/guardians have a plan in place for precisely what their child should do when he/she gets off the bus or arrives at home. This plan should be reviewed regularly with your child. If any contact information changes during the year, please update the Parent Portal on Infinite Campus. You may also want to contact the school nurse.

Winter Concert Dates: Revised

February 5th: Strings Concert

February 12th: Band and Chorus Concerts

February 26th: Snow Date for Concerts

Growth Mindset:

We are fortunate to have Dr. Shari Robinson, previous KES teacher and current BOCES consultant, presenting the Growth Mindset to the members of our learning community. Dr. Robinson will provide an overview of the research and key concepts, but most importantly, share practical ways of immediately implementing the Growth Mindset at home with our families.

You may recall the following visual presented at the opening of Curriculum Night:


 Save the Date: Monday, February 2nd

Time: 7:00-8:30 PM

Location: KES (Room TBD)


(Is appreciated, but not required.)

If you are interested in becoming informed on the Growth Mindset prior to the presentation, go to: and

As we look forward to a new calendar year, we want to wish you and your families the best of what the holiday season has to offer.  Be safe, and have fun!


Cristy Harris and Terry Costin